Like many other businesses, the Bugatti Group saw its activities affected during the pandemic confinement. However, the fifty or so employees, led by CEO Andrew Hattem, rolled up their sleeves and got through this uneasy period by adding a range of essential healthcare products. This season, the company is launching Secure 360, a collection of bags with a sanitizing pocket, and hiring new employees.

The Bugatti Group is a leader in manufacturing handbags, suitcases and work accessories known around the world for the quality of its brands, including Bugatti (of course), Celine Dion Collection, Swiss Mobility, Mouflon and Joanel. This innovative firm, head-quartered in Boisbriand, regularly launches new products. This year it had to be even bolder than ever, creating a healthcare division on the fly. “The travel industry was seriously affected by the current situation, so we had to review our products and look for new business opportunities. Thanks to our dynamic team, we rapidly designed a collection of essential products that includes masks, filters, wipes and disinfectant gels,” explained Andrew Hattem, CEO of the Bugatti Group.

Within a few weeks, distribution facilities for bags and suitcases were partially converted to meet the new market needs. The Group had support from its manufacturers and retailers in getting the project under way quickly. “We’ve always chosen them according to strict criteria and we have a relationship of trust with them. That’s how we were able to create in record time a range of non-medical cloth face coverings, tested for effectiveness for adults and children,” he added. They were immediately successful and are still in high demand today.

Disposable masks are another essential, and because they cause environmental issues the company decided to partner with the David Suzuki Foundation. For every box of Swiss Mobility brand face coverings sold, a contribution goes to the Foundation.

The health crisis has pushed us to reinvent ourselves. Today, we see a very positive future ahead of us.


This fall the Secure 360 collection represents a new orientation focussing on the needs of a new business clientele dividing its time between the office and home.

“Now people work partly from home. When they go into the office, they have to be able to stay safe. Secure 360 meets this need.” This new product range offers backpacks and lunch boxes equipped with a sanitizing pocket for a cellphone, keys or other personal items. A strategically-placed UVC light kills bacteria, microbes and viruses in a few minutes without using any chemicals.

Remember that the Bugatti Group has wanted to participate in the fight against COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Last April, they created a first collection of backpacks and other products bearing the logo “ça va bien aller” with all profits going to food banks. To date this campaign has raised $40,000.

“The health crisis has pushed us to reinvent ourselves. Today, we see a very positive future ahead of us. In the last months we’ve hired five new employees,” Andrew Hattem said proudly in conclusion.